Thursday, October 25, 2012

51 things I don't like.

51 Things I DON’T LIKE
There is a "That's the ____ I don't like" tag on youtube. I love these videos. Especially when I  agree.

1.     I’m talking to you on the phone and you talking to everyone else.
2.     You ask me a question and you start talking to someone else.
3.     I tell you I don’t eat salad and you like what if you do this… NO, I DON’T EAT SALAD.
4.     Same with tea.
5.     People use my stuff and don’t put anything back. UGGGGGGGGGH. I gotta be your maid?
6.     When my friend say one thing to me and another to another friend when they know good and well we all best friends. How you think we don’t speak.
7.     You giving  out the same platitudes about relationships and you jump from boy to boy.
8.     You call me saying you coming to get me and you don’t show up. I ain’t believing you till you in my face.
9.     You cooking then you start playing with your pet and go back to cooking? I wash my hands when I cook, when I go in the bathroom, before I eat, before I do my makeup, after I shower (yes), when I take out the trash, when pick stuff off the ground. I am always washing my hands.
10.  When people have never talked to you and assume they know you and furthermore assume you are stuck up and have the nerve to call you judgmental.  I’m the nicest person. I don’t talk much. That don’t mean I’m judging you. I ain’t thinking bout you. 

 You still reading? Thanks, love.

11. You wake up in the morning and the first thing out your mouth is something nasty about somebody. Can you be appreciative for your life?
12. People who ridicule other people’s religion.
13. People who assume you young, you don’t have aches and pains. “You don’t look sick.” What sick look like?
14. People who lick their fingers and then hand me the paper they just touched.
15.  I am here offering to help you and you telling everyone “I just don’t have anyone to help me. I’m all on my own.”
16. People who like to make fun of their family. I hate that. Especially women who make fun of their husbands. That makes me wanna kick em into traffic. What you marry him for if you knew he was like that? A wife is suppose to honor her husband.
17. Trifflin women complaining they can’t find a good man. So many men have told me they were about to approach a girl when she did some nastiness and he had to walk away. Act like you have some sense.
18. Females who always talking bout “I hate drama” and they causing it.
19. When you tell someone they got your order wrong and they get an attitude with you. I wasn’t rude with you, what’s your problem? I’m sure someone would love to take your job.
20. Folks who judge people based on how much money you make or what they think you make. I don’t mind being judged, but base it on my character after you’ve made an attempt to get to know me.

21.  People who want everyone to support their efforts but don’t support anyone else’s until they make it. Now you wanna be a part of the movement. Shaddup.
22. People who try to be slick nasty. You wanna be mean do it to my face and tell me exactly how you feel. Don’t act like I’m too dumb to know you’ve insulted me. I’m a smart cookie.
24. People who say she was asking for it when a woman has been raped because she was wearing revealing clothing.
25. Women who taunt men by smacking them all around knowing he can’t hit back. So when he hit you he’ll be wrong but I won’t sympathize with you cuz you don’t put your hands on anyone if you don’t want it back.
26. Parents who care more about what other folks think then how their children feel.
27. Parents who got time to spend with everyone else but not their own kids.
28. You cute but your child a hot mess.
29. You got money for toys but not nan book in the house. Kids can’t read.
30. Parents who ridicule their kids for being overweight from eating. You buy the groceries.
31. Parents who cuss their kids. Kill yoself.
32. People always putting all their sexual business out there then wanna get upset when folks got something to say. That’s the image you created for yourself. You wanna talk about how promiscuous you are be ready to be ridiculed. It happens. Is it right, maybe not, but you ain’t new to this.
33. People who think somebody always competing with them. Girls in particular especially when they like the same guy. That girl don’t even notice you.
34. “Oh she think she cute.” Is she suppose to think she ugly? Is she suppose to have low self-esteem. You don’t think you’re cute. That’s the issue.
35. People who gotta put other folk down to put themselves up.
36. Chipped nails for days on end.
37. You got thousand dollar bags but no college fund for the babies.
38. A stank attitude for no reason.
39. Always wanting to be paid for the little work you do but never wanting to pay others for their services which require a lot of work. (Talking to you musicians out there. My producer friends want you to stop begging.)
40. Employees sitting down on their cells but the restaurant is nasty.
41. I was with you all day and you barely noticed me but when I get home you wanna call or text.
42. You got money for party after party but not to invest in your career. Then you complain because you ain’t made it yet.
43. You can’t say thank you when I hold the door open for you? Kill yoself. This is basic stuff.  And then you gotta an attitude when I let it close on you.
44. Old people with no manners complaining bout young people. You set the example.
45. Drinking and driving like you the only life on the road.
46. You smoking near the entrance and then you blow smoke in my face.
47. ODed on cologne. When I start sneezing you look at me like I’m rude.
48. When I ask you for my money you borrowed you look at me like I’m wrong.
49. You make more money than me and you always asking “can I have this?’
50. You say “nobody’s perfect” as an excuse not to apologize when you know you are wrong. And then you wanna be automatically forgiven. When someone points out the error of your ways they judging. And yet you want everyone to apologize to you. 
51. When people yell throw the store like everyone wanna hear they conversation. And it's usually them cussing and being disrespectful. Leave the vulgar language for the house or club. Especially when old people are around. 

What don't you like?
I would love to know.

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