Thursday, July 25, 2013

My frustration with Full Sail University: Contradictions and Screenwriting

Copied from messages... me getting my thoughts out.

I originally had a character of Amy as the supportive daughter who makes things a little harder for her mom like normal teen daughters do but that wants to see her mother prosper and becomes her ally. Their relationship was my b story.
Now I am trying to incorporate the suggestion of making the story about her relationship and using Amy as the antagonist. How do I change antagonists and thus the story and it feel authentic?

In trying to keep with the suggestion I have changed the turning event from Ivory having to fire someone, which is major to her and the reason she takes therapy seriously to Amy deciding to move to New York by signing a contract Ivory never saw. She does this in the middle of everyone tying to prepare foe the biggest client they have ever had.
But somehow this is no where close to the story I wanted to tell. It magmy be more Hollywood but it is not me at all. It feels like a work for hire project. So how do I completely change the story and still have something I am proud of? How do I change it period?  I am having trouble generating ideas. I have read the text books, watched a lot of tv, read scripts, follow writers on Twitter, and read Script Magazine online at

I felt more confident as a writer before. I think I am good, but I am not Hollywood. Not sure I want to be.

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My frustrations with Full Sail Creative Writing Program:

I am used to turning in work on time. I am used to making good grades. I have made bad ones. But I don't make bad ones unless I can't get help understanding something. I always put the work in.

See I have Celebral Palsy. School has always come hard for me. But, I am not one to quit. I want people with handicaps to know they can do things others may not think they can. It is okay if it takes longer.

I have been able to get a BA in film from GA State (I would have to tell you about that later).

I have a Masters in Science from Full Sail in Entertainment Business which I enjoyed getting. So I knew I would lover the Creative Writing Program. WRONG. I feel infuriated by the lack of concern for the students. I have reached out to Program Director and got little support. I have reached out to professors. One was considerate and helped me. Others not so much. I know they could do better.

Why do you ask for your students' phone numbers if you cannot call? If I email you and you get nothing back email me again or call. I don't understand.

But, my issues started when I was trying to register. It wasn't that way the first time around.

Then I had issue getting my advisor. Then an issue with a professor not grading my work or even being able to email to say he didn't get a portion of my work. I submitted it. I had to call tech support but he still wouldn't listen and had an attitude. Now my email does not work and I never hear from support when I use the school contact form. Then I tell the teacher it doesn't work and ask who my partner is and get no response. I even asked classmates and got no response. But of course I got attitude. My partner never responded and now I am behind when I have been doing my part the whole time. And more attitude. Why can't teachers put aside ego and be helpful when people ask for help? I already try to work around their schedule. I don't think they care.

This is my grip. Part one.

You got a college gripe?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Internship Opportunity

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Monday, June 3, 2013

I Wrote A Screenplay Again and Increasing Productivity

Hello all. I know it has been a while. I am hoping to do better with this Blogger app.

I wanted you all to know if you set a goal for yourself you can make them happen. I like to put down what I want to do on a calendar in small increments.  It helps me to visualize and make it even smaller goals which I can accomplish.

Use your smartphone to download applications that will allow you to increase your productivity. Many of these applications work with the GTD or getting things done system.  If you have an Apple computer you can use iCal to make to do lists and check the status of them completed. This is what I choose to do. Having the visual of what you've already completed allows you to feel motivated to continue your work.

Do you have any applications on your smartphone or programs on your computer that you use to stay on task? What is your message this setting goals? If you have one that you would love to share please do.

Well, space it is late so I think I'm going to go to sleep. Wish you well. Goodnight.