Monday, June 20, 2011

Love Songs

What is your favorite love or "friendly mood" song? Mine is "Can I Stay With You" (Some call it stay the night... less typing I suppose) by Karyn White. This song is about a man who has skills. But, it's beyond the physical. I think to have it that good it has to be an emotional connection or something comforting with that person.

Here are the lyrics and see if what I mean when I say you can't sing this one to any ole lover.

Never felt so good before
Never dreamed I would explore
Makin’ love in the positions that you got me doin’
I never thought I’d beg for more
Never thought I’d find a man who can do it again and again
And then even do it like once again

I’ve never trembled in my life
Heard about it once or twice
But now I’m shakin’
And I swear the shakin’ feel so nice

Well, I don’t know what I’m gonna do
‘Cause I don’t wanna be away from you
You shouldn’t have felt so good
Love knows I’ve never felt so good
It’s wonderful
Well, there’s only one thing I need to know

Can I stay with you, babe
For the rest of the night
Can I stay with you, babe
For the rest of my life

Can I stay with you, babe
Through the end of all time
Oh, baby, please
Let me stay through the night

Never felt so weak before
Never met a man so sure
Of how and when and where to touch, and just how much
I’ve never been to ecstasy
But now I’m feelin’ it
Over and over and over and over and over and over and over

Whatever I can do for your love
You just ask, consider it down
And I’ll do anything
Whatever you want, whenever you need it

I just wanna give it all to you
More than you could ever expect me to
I swear whatever you do
I’ll do it three times, baby, back to you
I’m good to go
Well, there’s only one thing I need to know

Can I stay with you, babe
For the rest of the night (Yeah)
Can I stay with you, babe
For the rest of my life

Can I stay with you, babe
Through the end of all time (Stay, stay, stay, baby)
Oh, baby, please
Let me stay through the night

One night of love
It turned me around, it turned me around
One night of love
Things’ll never, never, never, never, never be the same
One night of love (Ooh)
Baby, I’m deep in love
Blew my heart away

Yep, I think most women want someone like that.  Haven't found mine yet, but, I'm sure I will. He is out there somewhere. 

Some other song recommendations I have for you are:

Brand New- Keyshia Cole
The Love Scene- Joe
Late Nights and Early Mornings- Marsha Ambrosius
Discipline- Janet Jackson
When- Tank
Only One Me- R. Kelly
Red Light Special- TLC
Backstroke- Teedra Moses
Maybe- Toni Braxton
In the Middle- Trey Songz
Buttnaked- Adina Howard

Have safe "grown up fun."

This post is making me laugh. Or is that my silly mind. Nevermind.

Appreciate ya,

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jac Frizza on iTunes.

My friend's album is on itunes.

Click here to download it. Songs are  $0.99 each. Album is $9.99. If you purchase it come back and tell me what you think.

Love ya,

Friday, June 17, 2011

Becoming Famous: Band Marketing

So today I am up trying to figure out how to make some folk famous. My friends have great talent and deserve to be in the spotlight. I'm going to do what I can to help. I've been looking up sites about sharing media, networking, and radio play.

Here are my ideas as a business plan for artists.

1. Meet and greets
2. Merchandise
3. Email lists and mobile numbers
4. Send demos to college radio stations
5. Get articles written about your music
6. Get band bios
7. Band blog
8. Spend time with your potential fans
9. Get press kits
10. Touring
11. Live broadcasts like blog tv
12. Open for an act bigger than you
13. Find another band to swap fans with
13. Do it regionally- city to city
14. Create band widgets
15. Have giveaways
16. Use rss feeds, digg, others
17. Album release party
18. Live performance broadcasting
19. Create own social network
20. Licensing
21. Join trade organizations

Hope these ideas help.

Love ya, SJ

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Atlanta Favorites in Entertainment


I had to start the blog over. It was getting stale for me and I wanted to start from scratch. In that transitional phase of my life. This year was the worst experiences in my life. Lost those I love, one to death, one to betrayal. But, I had brighter moments as well. I graduated grad school with a 3.62 gpa. I've come a long way and I wanted to shake off the hurt, let it melt right off me. I'm going to be writing from the heart as I always do.  To anyone who left comments from the old posts, thanks. Sorry if I didn't get them. The blogger account was always messing up so I could rarely log in. I should be okay now.

In true Sara Jo fashion here is my list of songs I'm loving:

Telekinesis- NeYo
Vixen- Miguel
Motivation- Kelly Rowland
Fugitive of Love- Mya
Casualty of Love- Jessie J
Weightless- Natashia Bedingfield
Save Me- Nikki Minaj
Monster- Paramore
Fire Lovin- Pleasure P
Skin- Rihanna
When I Get You Alone- Robin Thicke

Homies of mine and local Atlanta artists:

Chaise Twitter   Youtube: Officialchaise 
Song of notice: Tattoo 
News: She's always at the studio.

Infame Ent. Twitter  @ Youtube: SwaggBolton
Song of notice: Work It Out 
News: Mixtapes coming soon.

Prettidope Ent. Twitter  Youtube: CatchContak
Song of notice: Georgia Rain 

And me Sara Jo Twitter @ FB Fan Page 

And Florida artist and fellow graduate:

JAC Frizza Twitter:   Youtube: Jacfrizza
Song of notePour It Up
News: Mixtape coming soon. 

Scroll down for videos from the artists.

Now for my two favorite actresses: 

Erica Couben FB
News: She was on Teen Wolf!!! Movies and more to come.

Angel Jackson FB Fan Page
News: She was on Single Ladies. Movies and more to come.

And now for some videos to get to know the artists:

Chaise Behind the Scenes

Infame Ent. in Miami

Yay Talking

So proud of my friends old and new. Watch out for them.

Love you all,