Thursday, June 16, 2011

Atlanta Favorites in Entertainment


I had to start the blog over. It was getting stale for me and I wanted to start from scratch. In that transitional phase of my life. This year was the worst experiences in my life. Lost those I love, one to death, one to betrayal. But, I had brighter moments as well. I graduated grad school with a 3.62 gpa. I've come a long way and I wanted to shake off the hurt, let it melt right off me. I'm going to be writing from the heart as I always do.  To anyone who left comments from the old posts, thanks. Sorry if I didn't get them. The blogger account was always messing up so I could rarely log in. I should be okay now.

In true Sara Jo fashion here is my list of songs I'm loving:

Telekinesis- NeYo
Vixen- Miguel
Motivation- Kelly Rowland
Fugitive of Love- Mya
Casualty of Love- Jessie J
Weightless- Natashia Bedingfield
Save Me- Nikki Minaj
Monster- Paramore
Fire Lovin- Pleasure P
Skin- Rihanna
When I Get You Alone- Robin Thicke

Homies of mine and local Atlanta artists:

Chaise Twitter   Youtube: Officialchaise 
Song of notice: Tattoo 
News: She's always at the studio.

Infame Ent. Twitter  @ Youtube: SwaggBolton
Song of notice: Work It Out 
News: Mixtapes coming soon.

Prettidope Ent. Twitter  Youtube: CatchContak
Song of notice: Georgia Rain 

And me Sara Jo Twitter @ FB Fan Page 

And Florida artist and fellow graduate:

JAC Frizza Twitter:   Youtube: Jacfrizza
Song of notePour It Up
News: Mixtape coming soon. 

Scroll down for videos from the artists.

Now for my two favorite actresses: 

Erica Couben FB
News: She was on Teen Wolf!!! Movies and more to come.

Angel Jackson FB Fan Page
News: She was on Single Ladies. Movies and more to come.

And now for some videos to get to know the artists:

Chaise Behind the Scenes

Infame Ent. in Miami

Yay Talking

So proud of my friends old and new. Watch out for them.

Love you all,

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