Friday, June 17, 2011

Becoming Famous: Band Marketing

So today I am up trying to figure out how to make some folk famous. My friends have great talent and deserve to be in the spotlight. I'm going to do what I can to help. I've been looking up sites about sharing media, networking, and radio play.

Here are my ideas as a business plan for artists.

1. Meet and greets
2. Merchandise
3. Email lists and mobile numbers
4. Send demos to college radio stations
5. Get articles written about your music
6. Get band bios
7. Band blog
8. Spend time with your potential fans
9. Get press kits
10. Touring
11. Live broadcasts like blog tv
12. Open for an act bigger than you
13. Find another band to swap fans with
13. Do it regionally- city to city
14. Create band widgets
15. Have giveaways
16. Use rss feeds, digg, others
17. Album release party
18. Live performance broadcasting
19. Create own social network
20. Licensing
21. Join trade organizations

Hope these ideas help.

Love ya, SJ

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