Thursday, July 25, 2013

My frustration with Full Sail University: Contradictions and Screenwriting

Copied from messages... me getting my thoughts out.

I originally had a character of Amy as the supportive daughter who makes things a little harder for her mom like normal teen daughters do but that wants to see her mother prosper and becomes her ally. Their relationship was my b story.
Now I am trying to incorporate the suggestion of making the story about her relationship and using Amy as the antagonist. How do I change antagonists and thus the story and it feel authentic?

In trying to keep with the suggestion I have changed the turning event from Ivory having to fire someone, which is major to her and the reason she takes therapy seriously to Amy deciding to move to New York by signing a contract Ivory never saw. She does this in the middle of everyone tying to prepare foe the biggest client they have ever had.
But somehow this is no where close to the story I wanted to tell. It magmy be more Hollywood but it is not me at all. It feels like a work for hire project. So how do I completely change the story and still have something I am proud of? How do I change it period?  I am having trouble generating ideas. I have read the text books, watched a lot of tv, read scripts, follow writers on Twitter, and read Script Magazine online at

I felt more confident as a writer before. I think I am good, but I am not Hollywood. Not sure I want to be.

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