Thursday, July 25, 2013

My frustrations with Full Sail Creative Writing Program:

I am used to turning in work on time. I am used to making good grades. I have made bad ones. But I don't make bad ones unless I can't get help understanding something. I always put the work in.

See I have Celebral Palsy. School has always come hard for me. But, I am not one to quit. I want people with handicaps to know they can do things others may not think they can. It is okay if it takes longer.

I have been able to get a BA in film from GA State (I would have to tell you about that later).

I have a Masters in Science from Full Sail in Entertainment Business which I enjoyed getting. So I knew I would lover the Creative Writing Program. WRONG. I feel infuriated by the lack of concern for the students. I have reached out to Program Director and got little support. I have reached out to professors. One was considerate and helped me. Others not so much. I know they could do better.

Why do you ask for your students' phone numbers if you cannot call? If I email you and you get nothing back email me again or call. I don't understand.

But, my issues started when I was trying to register. It wasn't that way the first time around.

Then I had issue getting my advisor. Then an issue with a professor not grading my work or even being able to email to say he didn't get a portion of my work. I submitted it. I had to call tech support but he still wouldn't listen and had an attitude. Now my email does not work and I never hear from support when I use the school contact form. Then I tell the teacher it doesn't work and ask who my partner is and get no response. I even asked classmates and got no response. But of course I got attitude. My partner never responded and now I am behind when I have been doing my part the whole time. And more attitude. Why can't teachers put aside ego and be helpful when people ask for help? I already try to work around their schedule. I don't think they care.

This is my grip. Part one.

You got a college gripe?

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