Thursday, August 11, 2011

Music Submission for Review

Making money as an artist is all about selling to the fans. But, first you have to get fans!!! How do you build your fanbase? There are many ways but one of the most obvious is getting press coverage. If you can get a feature on a blog or a magazine this will help. Everyone wants to be in popular magazines and famous websites. However, even mentions on small sites help. You never know who is looking. Getting listed on these sites also gives you a place to direct your fans. Those who love to explore will appreciate the links. Search engines will go to the big sites first, but having your media on various sites helps you out. The more links the better. So go approach any music writer you know or find interesting and ask him/her/them to review your music. Great reviews are best, but even those that are not still count as links. I wouldn't add them to my press kit though. 

To help you out these are some places I’ve found where you can submit your music. Most should accept hip-hop. I know the first does. Some others are popular publications. You may find tips or be able to email for a request. Those are listed toward the end.

If you are a writer and would like to add yourself to my list, please don't hesitate to let me know. Email is best.
Thanks and love,

Sara Jo

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