Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We Are Going On Tour

I have DECIDED my friends the musicians are going on a state-to-state tour in 6 months. I have to find sponsors. I have given us all this responsibility for several reasons. One, touring is one way to make money and gain exposure. Two, it requires me to do research and learn more about the music industry. Three, it will show labels, music supervisors, A&R, whomever in the industry, that my babies work hard and know what they are doing on stage. And four, it will make for great television which we can then pitch to a network. You see, I'm always scheming. Of course, they have homework too. But I just wanted to get this in writing so they know mama means business. Someone's gotta push em, right? Might as well be me.

Talent Only Movement in full effect.

If you have any tips on planning a tour, or are interested in helping out with information, sponsorship, or booking, please send me a message.


Sara Jo

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